Now, Smartphone and internet become a vital part of our lives and its users worldwide increase gradually. That is why developers need to develop software on mobile in the form of mobile application in response to the changes in consumer behavior. Many companies also extend their businesses by creating application on smartphone for brand communication to be in line with that behavior changes.

    However, smartphone application development outsourcing costs too much. Moreover, it may not fit with the entrepreneurs who want to own an application with a low budget. With this reason we realize the importance of development of mobile app creation tools. In response to business needs, we developed Mobinster which is mobile platform service for limited budget companies to create their own application.  Moreover, it takes shorter time to the market. Mobinster enables the business to achieve customer satisfaction through collecting points and redeeming functions that is quick and easy to use. This function will collect the customer data on the big data system. The application owner will be able to utilize these data to analyze, manage plan your business and handle customer relationship.